About M.N. Seeley:

M.N. Seeley, is a former Illustrator now working as a professional Art Director, Copywriter, Commercial Artist and Marketing Brand Consultant all rolled into one (www.theseeleyagency.ca). But, what does this have to do with writing? Everything, if you ask him, because he believes storytelling is at the core of every successful creative endeavour. To him, the creative process never changes; only the medium does. He lives in Meaford, Ontario, Canada, where his children have spent years trying to teach him how to throw a football with a decent spiral. To date, they remain unsuccessful and undeterred.

His debut novel, A Flicker Of Shadows, was written almost unintentionally. He began the novel as an excuse to have custom material for a series of illustrations. After completing a few painted illustrations, he discovered that he enjoyed the writing process much more. M.N. Seeley then retooled the initial concept and crafted a mature story.

M.N. Seeley is currently working on his second novel, tentatively titled Cur Dogs. His next book will be a dramatic action story with a space-western quality (light on the science fiction … heavy on the drama).


Meaford, Ontario, Canada.